Issues with doing Inlays with cursive fonts

I’m trying to do an inlay of my daughter’s name with a cursive font and every time I use the inlay generator, it keeps showing me 2 separate pocket (female) files instead of one inlay and one pocket. Tried it with block letters and other objects and it works fine.
I am fairly new to this so I don’t know if I’m missing something or not.
1 - select font and Type name
2 - select the text and open the inlay generator
3 - confirm bit size (1/32); doesn’t seem to work with any other size (for the cursive that is)
4 - export
5 - Result is two separate pocket with my daughter’s name.
Thank you in advance, for any help provided.

What font?
I thought I saw that the “Pro” fonts don’t work with the inlay generator.

Try using the Xploder app to break the text to paths, then combine those separate letters together (if you need to). THEN do the inlay.

I will try that!

Use Ethan Kinney’s Exploder app over the other one. I had this same problem with Pro text, and I just tried it with the SHAPE EXPLODER and it now uses the Inlay generator. Thanks, @NeilFerreri1!

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My best recommendation would be to do your designing in a vector program like Inkscape and then import the SVG. You’ll have total control and can use any font you want. Just remember to convert text to paths before you try to use in Easel.

Thank you! Appreciate the advice!