Issues with Easel

Everytime I access Easel, it auto generates 8 different templates. Is there a way to make this stop?

Have you tried naming the different projects? It looks like they are different projects but with the same name “untitled”.

You can name it by clicking on the name of the file in the upper left hand corner when the file is open.

Im not sure what happened but they no longer exist.

I didnt have any projects in Easel, so that should be fine. the only one that shows up now is this one

Is it possible that someone else was also logging in to Easel with a different account on the same computer?

I may have had 2 or more windows open but no one else has access…

Hi Leslie,

I had our development team take a look. There is only one Easel project associated with your email address on your account. We can’t think of an explanation for why multiple pages of projects would show up and then disappear unless multiple users were involved. The screenshots that were posted are cutting off the portion of the Easel file drawer that shows what email you were logged in as. I will let you know if we determine any other issues that could have caused this problem. Let me know if you experience it again.