Issues with Font Corners


I’m having some issues with the corners of my fonts. I’m running a two stage carve - rough pass is a 1/8 up spiral, detail pass uses the 60 degree vbit.

I’m zeroing my z-axis using the z-probe. z-axis is square to the waste board.

Nothing in this thread helped.

I’m at a loss, any help is appreciated. Thanks

I’m still having issues and I’m a little surprised no one had feedback. Dumb question maybe? Or not enough info? I do understand I’m not owed help but it would be nice all the same :slight_smile:

Since my last post, I have built a new table for my xcarve. Everything else has remained the same:

  • depth per pass is .01
  • feedrate is 50
  • plunge rate is 20
  • Y axis is parallel with the waste board
  • Y axis is square to the X axis
  • I’m zeroing my Z-axis using the z-probe.
  • Z-axis is square
  • all v-wheels have been adjusted so there is no play…anywhere.
  • belts are tight.

I have reached out to support. Not much help this time. Every other time support has been great. I’m at a loss and could really use some assistance…

Recent pics of test carve below:

My setup:

From looking at the photos I’d suggest maybe your 60 deg bit is not actually 60 degrees. There is a video on @PhillipLunsford channel that shows how to do a test carve to accurately measure the angle. It looks like a bit of a process, but if nothing else is working it should be worth a try. Hopefully Phil can recall which of his many useful videos is the one I mean.
In (my own unsubstantiated) theory it looks like the bit isn’t finishing the outer parts of the letters, i.e. it’s a more closed angle than 60.

It just occurred to me, try doing part of the carve on a piece of scrap but set up your bit as being 57 degrees instead of 60 and see if it looks any better.

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When the corners are rounded like that, it almost always means your Z zero is too low on your vbit. Run a test with the Z set higher.
This is really to account for a flat tip on the vbit.

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I tried your suggestion - didn’t help. I appreciate the input though!

Thanks for that! How do I set the Z higher?

If you’re used to using the probe with Easel, the easiest way would be to put a few pieces of paper underneath your probe. Unless you know the diameter of the flat point, just try 0.2mm and test.
I’d run a simple square test until you’re getting sharp corners.

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To learn your bit specifics I´d run 3-5 tests with incremental Z-zero.
Simply zero as you´d normally do but jog the bit up 0.1mm before confirming home position (work zero)
Repeat test, with 0.2, 0.3, …, 0.5mm Z-offset and see which value that give you the crispest corners :slight_smile: With such small offset you´ll also realize that thickness variations of the material to be carved can have big impact.

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Not every font is ‘v-carvable’. Ensure you’re using a proper font.

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I bought an Amana 90* bit and the problem is solved. I’ll never understand why Inventables puts so much time and money into producing an amazing machine w/amazing support and then sends out shitty bits. At any rate, I’m a happy camper now :slight_smile:

And some fonts simply should never be v-carved - comic sans, I’m looking at you!

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Poor Comic Sans - never invited to parties and always the last one picked to play ball :smiley: