Issues with GCode Sender

Just wondering if anyone has an issue with gCode Sender not registering the position of the Xcarve …
I can make it move and run programs and things of that nature, but the position registers as 0,0,0. Constantly.
Even if I move the machine, it says the Machine Position and Work Position, stay at 0,0,0.
Any ideas would be greatly appreciated …
I am still very new to all this, but slowly I am picking things up.
Thanks in advance.

What version? And what version of java?

Check your $10 grbl parameter.

grbl prior to version 1.0c typical Easel value is 3
grbl 1.0c and beyond typical Easel value is 115

I had just updated Easel, and java about 2 days prior.
I would have to get back onto that machine and check the specifics, but as far as I know, everything is upto date.

Yeah, it is super strange.
I have a new gShield and Arduino being shipped, so hopefully they will sort the issue out.
Kinda sucks living in Australia and not being able to have access to parts readily.
Oh well, I guess I get a few days to catch up on some other things… hahaha

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So this is a new issue I am trying to sort out …
Now I have the movement thing, fairly sorted now, I can’t stop it erroring out when I first turn on the machine, and open gCode Sender …
Any advice on trying to sort this out ???
I have changed the $22 Homing Cycle, bool back to 0, and it stops the error, but makes the machine not home properly when in this state.
Is there something I am missing in the command list that I need to change ?

Post your $$ output here.

$22=0 means turn homing off.

The error is normal if homing is turned on. It is simply saying to home your machine.

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