Issues with movement

Good Afternoon Everyone.

I have just finished assembly of my xcarve.

I have confirmed all the wiring is attached correctly, but I am having issues with the testing phase of set up.

xcarve xyz axis diagram

My X axis moves left to right and vice versa with no issues.
However, my Y axis only moves on one side and the same with my Z axis.

They seem to be sticking or shuddering when moving as well. Sort of like they are walking. Its not fluid.

Is this only due to the wheels needing adjustment?

Best Regards

Are your Y motors wired correctly? Double check per the instructions.
For Z, is your delrin nut too tight on the acme screw? The two screws that mount delrin to spindle mount cannot be tightened too much.

Hi Mark.

The spindle and delrins seem to be ok.

I’ve uploaded two videos to show you what it’s doing. I’ve tightened the wheels up as much as possible, I’ve double checked the wiring and it seems to be fine as well.

The cable tension seems good as well.


Where are the videos?

Well crap. I see they didn’t attach.
Let me see if I can try another way