Issues with the setup

I put my XCARVE together… going through the setup… all was good until hooking up the Z-Probe cable to the router… cable plugged in- check, Clipped to collect- check, however I was not able to get the bit to touch the plate (still confused about that one).
Never the less, I backed out to restart the steps, hoping it would work the second time, however I couldnt get past the settings page. I am going to step away for the evening and hit it in the morning. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


Hello Brian,

I think I understand. The next part in the process is to make sure the connection for the probe is working. If you lift up the puck and raise it to the bit you should be able to proceed to the next step, which would actually the bit lowering to the puck to get your z zero. 1.connect wiring 2. clip to collet 3. (with your hand) raise puck and touch bit 4. probe z

Hope this helps you resolve your issue.

Thanks Michael,

I understand that 1… However, we I backed out to go through the whole process to bring me back to that point, It wouldn’t let me.
I got to the beginning or to the “set your settings page”, to where Ii had to select 1) Machine 2) Rod 3) Router type etc and it keep telling me a message that " You need to select the correct settings for your machine",
However, I did select the right options properly. Now I have to mention, that this was the second time of doing this… I first time I went through all of the steps up to getting stuck with the Z probe.

I greatly appreciate you help!!

That also includes downloading this program for a second time in the attemp of making it happen.

Sorry Brian. Maybe I didn’t understand. Let’s start over. What is the current issue? I’m kind of confused by your last two posts as to what is going on. The more information the better.

I do apologize Michael… I get running and my mind spins… so here it goes…

I understood you’re previous post, however, when I touch the plate to the collet, it still didnt do anything…

So sometimes, dealing with pc’s, they freeze up and need to be restarted… Well when I back out of the Z Probe page (for set up), I had to start all over and couldnt get back to that page…

I couldnt get past the ain page of setting the “machine settings” to continue with checking the homing switches etc…

Since lastnight, I did make it all the way back to the Z Probe set up one time and still had the same issue of it not reading the Z Probe plate, and yes I touched to the collet…

I have repeatedly downloaded the easel program with all of the drivers ( my own troubleshooting), to include numerous shutdowns and restarts of my laptop and I still can not get past the “setting the settings of your machine” page…

Are you sure the probe was plugged in? I has to snap in.
Also check wiring again.