IT IS not aligning to what I have DESIGNED! WHY?

I can not figure out why this is off. Take a look at the pictures. see the design in easel? Now take a look of how it comes out. WHY? i have tried center xy and left bottom x,y point. NOPE! I have tried this 10x and it still is not perfect. What the hell am I doing wrong.HELP


Are you aligning your bit in the corner fixture?
Or are you aligning the center of your bit to the corner?

Your zero is not correct.
Exactly how did you set work zero?

For designs that are meant to be centered in stock, you may find it easier to use the center of your stock as your zero.

Is the machine calibrated, meaning say a 10" jog command = 10" actual travel?

If the machine is calibrated properly then its a work zero issue suggested above.
If the machine calibration is off, any design will be equally off.

It looks like your movement might be out of calibration, many videos on youtube about calibrating movement which you should also do. However IF you want to have perfect alignment as it relates to center, it is often best to do it this way as well… Use the Center for the Home Position in Easel. Part 1 - YouTube