It’s arrived already

Only ordered on Friday morning and already got 3 of 4 boxes :grinning:


I just ordered mine too! I am very excited!

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Woooot. Yeah. Let the sawdust start flying

I ordered 1 as well… Ready to rock and roll!!!

Ordered mine on Monday, November 28. Letting the waiting begin.

Spent ages last night putting the 144 screws in the waste board. Bought the materials to make a folding table for it just have to put that together then build the x carve itself then let the business begin.

Plan :heavy_check_mark:
Tools :heavy_check_mark:
Wealth and riches beyond my wildest dreams - buffering :joy:

Mine was ordered 2 weeks ago… so far I only got the screws, nuts and threaded inserts… emailed them and they said that my order is on hold due to the credit card verification, gave the authorization on the same day they sent it (2 days after I ordered), charged me for less that a dollar. Funning thing is they did not mention in their email that I have to inform them once the verification amounts have been charged. Now they are telling me that I should have done that!

Oh well… sorry for the long rant.

Congratulations by the way on your new toy. :smile:

Ordered mine o que the 21st, nothing yet. Do they send tracking number

I ordered Thursday and got nothing! Called yesterday and they said to call back next week and they’ll be able to give me a shipping estimate… I don’t understand the shipping discrepancies I’ve seen all over this forum.

it can take up to 15 days before it ships from the day you order. Plus its the holidays, I’m sure they have hundreds of orders after that huge sale they had for thanksgiving.

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I ordered mine in the UK and it was in stock at the time so I got lucky there.

So far I’ve only managed to do the waste board screws and build the x controller. I’m off next week though from Monday to Friday so I should be up and running in that time hopefully. Hate the fact this job gets in the way of my fun :joy:

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Lucky you. I ordered mine o Black Friday and still waiting, not even a bone yet. Cant wait for the whole thing to arrive and be working

It’s torture it’s sat at home all scared in that dark box waiting to be freed and I’m stuck at work but I finish in a few hours and then I can get my table built and x carve built and then let the sawdust fly

Congratulations to all of you. I ordeeed mine two years ago and had to wait for over a month. It’s well worth the wait. You’re talking days now. What a difference. You’ll love it when you get it. It will be your constant companion

Ordered mine the Wednesday before Black Friday and only received the tool pack and calipers. I have not gotten any other type of correspondence since… By the time the machine gets here i may not have any fingers left from me chewing them in anticipation on getting this machine!!!