It’s Done!

I replaced the MDF with the ATP-5 fixture plate.
ATP-5 has the exact same specifications as MIC-6 but is cheaper.
There are 576 tapped holes on 1" centers.
(I’m always within reach for a clamp)

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Yeah!!! It’s in its final resting spot :smile:

First cut is done!!

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Congrats!! I remember that feeling.

I have a few things to work on. First, the left side is carving deeper than the right.
Depth of cut = 0.05
Far left side = 0.0595
Far right side = 0.0255
Board width = 11.25in

But this project will be painted black and sanded so it’s not going to hurt this one. But I need to figure that out.

Your machine is not trammed in.
Set up a dial indicator in the spindle and tram the machine.
You can get most if not all of the error out by adjusting the X and Y rails

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Thanks Jan. I will look into that!

When I built my workbench, I placed strips of rubber between the top board and the 2x4 frame to absorb some vibrations. I have mine setup in an unfinished room in the basement. Noise isn’t too bad.

I would put surge protection on the x-controller and whatever computer you’re using to run it. I ran a seperate power source for my dust collector just to be safe, but there’s no need for the dewalt 611 to be n a surge protector. It doesn’t much mind it one way or another.

I made up a simple relay control for my dust collector and spindle. Have a look if you like. Many others on here have come up with even better power solutions.