It's 5 degs!

Its 5 degs outside

so yeah 5 degs!

ooooo wait let me check… yup 5 degs!!

:frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Yesterday it was 34 here in Jersey now its 56. Crazy

Hey oh wait just checked it dropped to 1 deg!!

but yeah look at this lol

this is really concerning to me as my shop has no heat I need to figure out a solution or just move into a proper shop

I am going to have to suffer with 74 degrees later today :grinning:

oh come on man

thats it I am moving to flordia I don’t care it its going to sink soon

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my problem is that I want to work with some special materials in quantity

and I have no way to store them safely

or bring them in and out of the shop when everything is covered in snow

any ideas

I’ll just put this right here…


Wind chill is a cool -39 this morning…


defiantly some illuminate stuff going on there


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Really bro?

Heat wave coming!!

fail on the sarcasm lol cant see your pic

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here in texas… yesterday, it was 80… today in the high 30’s - low 40’s…

Perfect weather here. Gets to 20+C during the day and 6-7C at night.
Never snows, at least not at sea level.
Port Huon, Tasmania.

Can’t be from Tasmania, we don’t wear hats - gets too expensive.

Anchorage just swung from -2 to 34 and now back to a normal 22F in 4 days.

21 in Texas…Got a 0900 tee time!

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I woke up to -33 deg F in my yard yesterday morning, neither the car or pick up would roll over fast enough to start. Didnt have anywhere i needed to be anyway, so I played around in the shop once I got it warmed up. (wood stove heat)

Really feeling badly for some of you.
Coastal Mid-Florida
John (in shorts and t-shirt) :slight_smile:

Dont worry I will come back at all you Floridian guys during the summer lol

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