It's a lucky day

So I was at a customer’s building today to disconnect the Fire Alarm from a working Revolving door they didnt want anymore. I look over in the pile of trash that had accumulated and I saw this controller housing for the door. I asked the customer if they were going to hold on to it and they told me I was welcome to keep it.

I have already had thoughts of upgrading away from the stock controller and I was thinking I might be able to make some use of this. I haven’t had time to completely go through it yet but I do believe there is a VFD in here and possibly a PLC. Does anyone have any ideas of how best to put this to good use?


Yes. Send it to me immediately.


The Yaskawa 315 v7 is a VFD. Here is a link to the manual:

Essentially it is a motor control that you configure to the type of the motor you have. That is a great find.


I did google the second controller and it’s a Mitsubishi plc. I’m thinking I may hack my dewalt 611 to run off the vfd, still thinking what a can do with a plc besides dust collection. That sounds a little like killing a wasp with a bazoka, overkill.

Forced air, coolant on and off, dust collection, etc. Programming those is supposed to be easy, they use ladder logic like they teach in elementary school, but I would much rather write actual code. Plus, that is a GREAT case… and look at all those relays!

How about a pitching machine? An elevator? A centrifuge for processing uranium?

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it is nice to hear people say it is a good thing to recycle or reuse things. This is a great hobby. Put it to use doing some thing fantastic. Isn’t great you don’t hear you don.t want that dirty thing.