It's Alive

I bought them when I was adding the steel bar in my Y-Axis (just in case I screwed it up :slight_smile: ), so I used them to stiffen up the X-Axis.

Are you sure that’s cherry? I’ve never seen such white maple-looking cherry. :thinking:

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It’s just the lighting, it is cherry. :slight_smile:

Right on. The things you are doing with metal are very inspiring. I’m almost to the point where I’m ready to try working with it myself.

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I just jumped in…I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I am pleased with how well the X-Carve performs.

I rechecked the picture of the sign, and it might have been maple…it is gone, so I can’t check it. The maple and cherry are right next to each other in my shop…but I think you might be right.

Well, like you said, photos can be deceiving, but the color and grain both looked like maple to me. Good looking sign either way.

I also, haven’t done any carving and that’s another thing I hope to get to some day. I’m really looking forward to Inventables pushing out the v-carve function for Easel, since that’s what I use. I know there are a lot of cool things I could do, but I just keep so busy trying to keep up with orders I don’t really get to do much of the fun stuff.

I used the fingermaker program again this morning to cut the pieces to make a couple of small 6" x 4" boxes out of maple and purpleheart. Still need to clean them up a bit.

It’s a little snug, but after I clean it up it will be a good fit.


I need to play with the glue gap setting in fingermaker. That should make them an easier fit.

I’m about to start using that myself, so do let us know what settings work out for you.

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If you figure it out, I would LOVE a tutorial for Fingermaker. I’ve downloaded the demo and it looks SUPER cool, but it’s interface is daunting.

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hey erik this is a really cool thread what do you plan to do with those new y-rails I like how they are double did you have different y-carriage plates to made to work with that? I am interested to see how that turns out when its done

I’ll be making new Y-Axis plates in the near future…I plan to have v-wheels on both rails.


yeah man make those lol I want to see my x-carve is in need of some serious up grades you kinda really inspire me to make better and better things with my x-carve lol I am always wanting to just drop 18,000 for a cnc router parts 4x8 machine but I have not reached the limitation of my x-carve yet

anywhoo have you had an trouble with your z-axis I have all sorts of issues with it and need something better

  1. My v-wheels will not stay tight

  2. the eccentric nuts will not pivot the v-wheels enough to achieve proper tightness on the maker slide I have tried everything I have adjusted them/taken apart 1000 times and that is no exaggeration its like the holes in my carriage are to big giving the eccentric nuts to much room

  3. my delrin nuts wears out very very fast and you can move the spindle up and down on the acme lead screw I would say at least .020" I have gotten a new one acme screw and delrin nut from inventables and it just wore out quickly.

do you have any thoughts on these things?

I replaced my eccentric nuts with eccentric washers and used nylock nuts to keep them in place. I haven’t had to adjust them in months.

you mean the eccentric spacers that inventables sales?

I replaced all of them on all three axis…use the narrow ones on the z-axis as there is less room. But yes, I got them from inventables.

I am also about to replace my z-axis completely. I will have 6 inches of travel when I get done with my next project :slight_smile:

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okay I will have to look into that

1 more thing are you attaching the y-rails to the extrusions that the wasteboard sits on?

I see that you have little aluminum braces part way down the y-rails for rigidity those going all the way down to the wasteboard extrusions? if so what is the thickness of that spacers .125" correct?

oh yeah? you have thoughts on that design? are you going to do away with the v-wheels all togother? I would much rather do that maybe a gear set?