It's come to LIFE!

It might have taken 3 days, and many cups of coffee, but the new X-Carve is assembled and has passed all the initial start-up testing. I haven’t done a test cut as of yet as I need a couple of hours to clear all the debris from the assembly/machining area. SO MANY little bags :wink: and boxes.
I know the assembly went well as I didn’t have the need to throw something. The entire 5 box package that was shipped was VERY well labeled, which made assembly so much easier. The instructions were very good at the beginning, but started to thin out towards the end. I still managed to get through all the steps.
I made a pictorial log of the assembly which I will get posted online in the near future. For now I’m going to take it easy and begin programming projects.

Mike H. aka Breylon

P.S.: I would love to get a list of the “G” and “M” codes that the X Controller uses so manual programming will be less trial and error.


for the Inventables specific version

Much better to get it from here. If you don’t know what you are doing you can waste a lot of time figuring out how to build it properly.

I might have a bit of a temper when something doesn’t work and tend to throw whatever I’m working on. This build was well documented and my patience was never tested.

I thank everyone for their replies and links. I can see I still have a bit of work to do. I have a 3D Printer which I also had to tune steppers, hot-end and such, so I’m hoping the process is similar. I’ll begin reading on these tuneup techniques and with any luck have something worth showing soon.

Mike H.

Calibration of the electronics has been completed and the calibration program downloaded from the “Manhattan Wood Project” has been machined.

The machining process went without problems, except for my nervousness about having so little control of things once the machine starts cutting. The dust collection system worked perfectly, leaving not a crumb of dust anywhere on or around the machine.

The only cutter I had was a dull 1/8" endmill, four fluted, but it did the job and I’m looking into the proper tooling for the projects I have planned. All in all, I’m very happy with the machine and can envision many projects in the future.

Mike H.