It's working!

Finished at 4am this morning. Plugged in a laptop and ran some basic shapes in Easel. Everything worked the first time. I took a lot longer to build it than the suggested times in the instructions, but I was forcing myself to watch the vids and read through more than once.

I was missing the nylon washers for the arduino from my kit but I sliced some off a nylon spacer and went on with it.

The only part of the assembly that bogged me down a little was the pins for the limit switches, yellow/black twisted pair and the connector. The wire was just thick enough to not want to snap in without applying a lot of force to get them to lock in.

Thanks, Inventables crew. This is something I have wanted in my shop for a long time. The engineering and design far surpasses the cost of the machine.

Now that I can cut anything I want, I can’t decide what I want to cut…


Awesome! Nice job @jdm let’s see some pictures of how it looks!

Check out our project section for some inspiration on what to carve out.

is it possible to order a half dozen of each of these?

my plan is to make some legs like this for the y axis


We sell the M5x16 socket head cap screws in packs of 10 and the Post Assembly Insertion Nuts in packs of 10