I've passed the level 1 boss!

Hey yall! I just got my X-Carve put together AKA the Level 1 boss. I’m now trying to defeat the next level but I’m a little stuck on a few things. I am actually posting because I can’t find the answer so I clearly don’t keyword well? IDK. So thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.

Is there a way to see what size your object is in Easel??!! I don’t see it anywhere. I have lots of little objects within a big object. I see the overall size but how to I know how the objects within that are sized/resized and what their dimensions are?

Also,I’m a little lost on the whole placement in Easel vs. X-Carve. Does ANYONE have a video or pics that better describes how the design transposes onto the surface? I am a major visual learner. I understand a lot so far but my first cut seemed a little far to the right.

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Curtesy of @PhillipLunsford aka PawPaw : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjhjowXbFqM

As for size of objects, you only have height/length of each individual object you select.

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I will check it out but I guess I passed the level 2 boss tonight with my first successful design and cut! I didn’t go all the way through and just punched it out to save the spoilboard but I was pretty excited that it went well


One way to cope with getting all through is to use surface board as reference.

If your material is 1/2" thick, jog down to surface board and jog up 1/2" pluss a small arbitrary amount, then use this level as your Z-zero. Adjust depth of design accordingly :slight_smile: