J tech laser and vcarve

I am thinking about getting the J tech laser for a project I am doing. If I design something in Vcarve that has both carving elements and words that are to small to carve how hard is it to get both lined up. I assume i would need to use to different programs.

yeah all you would do is create a reference point in your work or just use the x, y zero but yeah it is not a problem at all I am actually buying a J-Tech laser soon and gunna do a couple of videos on it

Thanks guys I have cheap Chinese laser but it is to small for what i am doing.

I have them both and it’s not bad at all

My Jtech should be here today

just ordered mine lol !!

Well mine showed up, but apparently I didnt order the mounts, so it will be another couple days. I take full blame for not ordering the mounts, but wonder how many others forget also. You kind of have to search for the mounts on the web site.