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J Tech Laser integrated with X-carve grbl (Inventables/Master version 1.0c)

Ohoo! This is indeed interesting because M5 does not seem to turn off my laser properly! I will add this later today and let you know! Thanks!

Hey guys,

please check out this post: SimpleG - Fast gCode streaming for laser engraving with grbl

I developed a streaming software for grbl and I’d like to ask for your inputs :slight_smile:

That part in my grbl looks completely different from yours… I’ll go through this in more detail when I have more time.

A couple questions while I wait for the UPS guy. I have read a lot of the threads concerning the Jtech laser and there is a ton of info, some of it confusing.

  1. It appears that with this version I don’t need to switch between hex’s Correct?
  2. Can someone point me in the right direction for instructions flash the Xcontroller?

Yes, that is correct.

To upload a different version of grbl into the X-controller you would use the same procedure as for the Arduino.


so far the laser works

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Firstly Thanks Larry…next for the gcode challenged and those of us that just want to laser engrave pretty pictures…is there a Really simple explanation of not only setting the new grbl update up (I mean Mickey Mouse type illustrations) and having just purchased my laser, also confused by the wiring to the driver control. On the Jtech site they call for the spindle control wires and the 24v spindle wires to be soldered together. I ain’t connecting till I get the OK from you guys with perhaps another photo. Please…

Here are the instructions for wiring the J-Tech laser to the X-Carve’s controller.

X-Carve Laser Upgrade

Here is the driver instruction manual.

J-Tech Driver Manual

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Thanks for this. Are you able to tell me if I need to connect my arduino logic control wires to the 24v spindle wires and then to the jtech driver?

Answer is in the other thread.


It’s the same Pin 11 & ground that passes through from the UNO to the gshield stepper driver. That should be the same connection that turns the spindle on/off with the PWM to a relay. It seems there should be a switch from using the laser or your spindle with the same PWM control, but you can try it without one.

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So my question is: within Easel, is there a way to tell the program that you’re now in laser mode and it would respond not unlike the spindle controls? Are we there yet?

If not, then it would be a nice feature. Click button, it’s a laser. Click a button, it’s a spindle.

I’m pretty sure that Easel does not have that capability.

If you use PicSender it has buttons to switch between modes.


Do i need to run anything different because im using a makita and not a spindle @LarryM ?


How do you currently use the Makita in regards to turning it on and off (manual or SSR using PWM as trigger, other)? And what program do you use to send G-code to your machine?

I manually start Makita , its not connected to the Arduino control box at all.
Ive been using PicSender for Laser and previously UGS for carving

I have just installed a linear Z-axis and as I press $H the Z rises 10mm and halts , console saying “home position now set”

the Z motor was disconnected and longer wires soldered on during install. i had better dbl chk all wiring is good, Ill go back and RTFM :slight_smile:


With your change to the Z axis you will have to calibrate your new setup. ( $102 grbl parameter ).

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Re above posts homing fail

Well I had one of those photographic memory moments , but with the lens cap on !

my homing went pearshaped ,
I hadn’t done anything except put the new z axis on.
As soon as I presssed home it moved 10 mm , got a fail alarm .

So I went through all the GRBL settings , sat at that screen nearly all day trying to invert every setting I could to make it work

In desperation I went to my phone to look at the pictures I took prior to dismantling the Z , and sure enough , I had put 1 wire on the Z limit switch on the wrong terminal ,

if theres a moral to this story , its if you have an issue , always go back to the last thing you changed, in this case it was me wiring up the Z limit,

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what did you use to send this?