J tech laser problem

hello everybody i cant connect my j tech laser with light burn ? i can connect my ugs with cnc x carve

What software are you using?

I just re-read your post.
Go to the Lightburn forum.

Make sure you have your com port set and grbl and set the baud rate to 115200.

it is lightburn that not can find cx carve gbrl?

You’ll get more help if you go to the Lightburn forum.
Also, Jay from J-Tech is very helpful.
I’m new to laser myself (7 watt J-Tech) so I’m kinda hesitant to give you any advise other than to closely follow the instructions when you first open Lightburn.
If you still have problems, there are very knowledgeable people on there.

Down at the bottom right side.image

it dosent show any devices

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Jay at J TechPhotonics will walk you through the setup on the phone with you. He is fantastic to work with and should be able to get you up and running quickly.

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You will need to add the device.

its weired that easel and my ugs is connecting but not lightburn

Do like @JanVanderlinden says and contact Jay over at Jtech and he will get you going.

Read and heed Os’s last post on the Lightburn forum.
He IS the person behind the software and will do his very best to help you out.
Jay is also a great resource.
He will actually log onto your computer and set it up for you
However, keep in mind that this is the weekend and these people have lives also.
Looking forward to seeing your projects.

He may get looged out over there i think as a new person you are limited to questions.

I don’t know.
As a new laser owner myself, he has helped me out tremendously.

Yes Oz is good. But as a new member of the forums over there they limit your questions the first few times you use there forum.

Just learned a new lesson myself.
Corian does not like a 7 watt laser.

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