J tech photonics laser dont know how to use

Hey guys. Please help. I buy j tech photonics 3.8w laser but don’t know witch programs use too work with him. And one more problem is he not burn on wood and dont know why. my x carve driving, laser light shining but not make any picture on wood.

There is allot of information in this thread.

Focusing the laser beam is very important for it to burn properly.


I was in your spot a couple weeks ago. Now it’s crushing like butter. I agree focusing laser is important part. Read all what pic engrave sent you. Also picture needs to be black and white.

Also pic engrave 5 is awesome. I just made this tonight Uploading…


Maby you can send foto again?:slight_smile:

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Yeah now remember I’m a noob. Be gentle. Honestly though. Stick with it! I knew nothing about the laser and this is my second engraving.


Phil, take a look at the two images at the bottom of this thread.

You have to be careful with a laser, but, yeah it’s worth it.

If you are going to do images I would get the 2.8 watt, if you are just going to do engraving and cutting I would get the 3.8 watt. The 2.8 has less power and will be a bit slower, but it has a smaller dot size which, in my opinion, would give you better images.


I don’t have a laser at this time so I can’t really answer the question about cutting 1/4 plywood. That might be a bit much for a low power laser. Many people that do cutting use the 40 watt Chinese laser setups.

Either the 2.8 or 3.8 would be fine for just the black/white engraving. I think the main difference there would be speed. Since you are running a business you might want the 3.8 to make your jobs faster.

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Yeah Phil it was totally good investment. I was kind of strapped for cash after getting the x carve but I got the 2.0W. Most people have 2.8W. Also pic engrave is an awesome program. A lot of manipulation you can do. I made a couple people some cutting boards and added the laser to it and it came out awesome. Here’s one for my friends company. He wanted it in the place of Pittsburgh


Spoke too soon. I was just messing around with detailed design. I’m now wondering what I did wrong. It’s not solid black

. Trial and error is the fun part

Today i focus may laser bet he still not work good, with CW new he have nice dot. But with TTL he nor turn on from software maby know were is problem?

Maby you know were can i find video with step by step totorial, how to use j tech laser?

Thanks, i start to work with laser and do few projects


Bonjour. Je suis Français et ne comprends pas l’anglais… Sory !!!
J’ai le même problème que vous et je ne sais pas comment faire.
Avez-vous réussi à trouver une solution pour graver ?
Mon laser s’allume, se déplace X, Y et Z avec une lumière mais ne grave pas…
Pourquoi ? Merci de me dire si vous avez trouvé LA SOLUTION pour graver !!!
Très cordialement.

@Begue You need a laser program to use the laser. It will not work in easel.