J Tech Photonics New Laser

The new 3.8W laser kit is available NOW!!!

Christmas is early this year!

You want to know what I say, :confused: Pricey.

I wonder what the performance comparison is between this one and the 2.8W. I’m mostly going to use one for engraving, so I probably don’t need more power. The 3.8W would allow faster speeds, but I’m not sure if the X-Carve is the right machine for “turbo” movements. It’s still not going to be a heavy cutter at 3.8W.

I was just happy to see the latest generation is now available and wanted to share my discovery.

[quote=“AlanDavis, post:2, topic:15605”]
You want to know what I say, :confused: Pricey.[/quote]

I say you get what you pay for! Great customer service and support.

That’s for sure. I follow the post, customer support is awesome.