Jagged curves

When previewing circles in easel I am noticing jagged edges. It almost reminds me of a circle in an stl file. Do other cam programs handle circles the same way or is this a limitation of easel? I noticed these same ridges on some of my cuts.

What’s the scale there. I think some of what you’re seeing is a function of saving memory to render the preview. Easel will break arcs into tiny segments, but even if it didn’t your controller would. Can you share the project where you saw physical sevens on your curves?

I see it most of my cuts so I was hoping it was a function of easel and the tool paths. Maybe I have bigger issues with my machine setup.

Here is the easel file for this cut.

Yes, most CAM tools approximate circles, arcs, and curves using line segments.

There are some which don’t, notably Vectric Vcarve/Aspire (probably Cut2D as well).

See: http://mae.engr.ucdavis.edu/~farouki/ijmtm99a.pdf for a discussion of this.