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How can i fix the lines behind the mask from the light saber? I would like to remove them and only have the mask.

I’d use Inkscape to do that before importing to Easel.
That said, you can cover those portions with shapes that carve to 0 depth

  • Create shapes that cover the portions you want to “erase”. It’s ok if they cover parts of helmet/mask
  • set depth of those to 0
    -Bring helmet to front
    -send sabers to back

I think I understand how you made the lines go away. Ill mess with my copy to see what i can get done. Thank you so much.

When you open my project, you can move stuff around to see exactly what I did. Is easier to see the rectangles if you set their depth to something other than zero. Move the helmet layer back and it’ll be easier to see.

Unless it’s already been fixed, when I clicked on it, the mask is an entirely separate object. Click on it, move it out of the way, then delete the lines/swords/sabres. What’s the problem?

@Traxxtar, my understanding was that he wants the sabers but does not want them to appear in the eyes of the mask. See my version above.

Oh, yep. Zero depth shape to block what you don’t want carved. You steered him in the right direction.