Java issues

I have been running UGS 2.0 for some time and it has been working well for me. Most of the time.
When I do have issues, and I have to use the 3 finger salute to kill things via task manager, I usually get a popup window stating that JAVA is not responding. This seems to be the case nearly every time, Java has an identity crisis.

This got me thinking about pic sender. Is this software java dependant?

I need to do some more investigation of it before I pull the trigger but this is getting maddening!

UGS will work most of the time just fine but then…

I believe that PicSender is native windows code, but @JohnChamplain can tell you the true story.

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PicSender is not java dependent.

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Yeah That is what i was thinking when i was putzing around just now with the demo version .

Looking real positive that I will be making the move in the very near future…

thanks guys…

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Ok I have had some time to mess with PS again today.

I am having issues with getting my triquetra touch plate to play nice with Picsender.

I load the file hit send and it tells me that it has sent onr line with 0:00:00 elapsed time and the machine has no response. I ran a search on the forum (yeah, I actually used that function! :wink:) and found a reference to it being because I am running under the demo version. Is this a viable cause?

I set my zero by eye and am currently running a file to see how it works, so far so good.

Also, I am running dual screens one on my laptop and a second, flat screen. PS comes up on the laptop but I am uable to move it to my second screnn like any other window. Any input or ideas?

We lock PicSender on the screen so there are no possible streaming interruptions. In the Demo, it will only run half of a gcode file, so it will not work with a touch plate.


Okey doke, I pulled the trigger and am running pic sender for the first time!

It seems a bit mor intuitive than ugs once you figure out how to get a file loaded, I like having all options on one screen rather than in separate tabs as in ugs.

i look forward to poking around with it a bit and seeing what else it can do!