Jeremys 3d depthmap software

Software that converts a greyscale heightmap image to STL

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version 1.3.4
output path for STL file now supports Program, Source File or Custom
thanks @JasonCavanaugh for testing


Can you help me out on the install?

Download the ZIP from the Github page (big green button).
Run the .jar file.

Thank you Neil for the informative info.

There’s no JAR file. It’s an EXE.

@BrandonTaber My instructions are now outdated. The .jar I mentioned can be run from a CLI. Jeremy updated his original link which now takes you to the executable…download and run. Looks like you can drag and drop images now. Easy.
@JeremySimmons Awesome work! I’m sure it will help a lot of people.

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@JeremySimmons, Hi Jeremy, When trying to run heightmap2stl-gui release I get a JAVA cannot be found. Download/Install from error. I have the latest version of java. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

What directory is java installed to?

Have you added that directory to your PATH environment variable?

Sigh. I blame myself for not finishing the rewrite of this in .net. Having to rely on java was always dumb…

Hi Jeremy, It’s located

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre1.8.0_161\bin

In a command window

echo %PATH% | clip

Paste as a reply

do you have this file?

I downloaded your program but it wont work for me.
(100% sure its something that I’m doing wrong)
Do you have instructions available?
What type of file does it work with?

Hi Jeremy, I uninstalled Java then reinstalled and now it’s working. Thanks!!!


Save the heightmap file from the wiki page
load the file into my tool, run it
Load the generated stl into vcarve
Generate roughing toolpath
Generate finish toolpath
Send the toolpath to your CNC


When I try to run the exe file a window tries to pop up and disappears. Any help please? I’m obviously not real computer literate.

Are you downloading the GUI version from here?

yes, I am

ah wait, I got something with your link. Now I just got to figure out the application