Jerking on y axis

Before I even start craving I try to position the machine where I want it I use the arrows to move it when I try to move the y axles it jerks it don’t run smooth

Are you moving it in small steps or big steps.

It jerks either way if you keep hitting it will move smooth

Do you know how to set it to move 4 or 5" at a time. Try that and see if it is jerky.

SIt runs smooth if u hit the bottom over and over real fast then when you start to crave it jerks and it don’t stay where it needs to cut

I thought maybe you were trying to move it in small steps and it can be jerky like that. If you move it in larger steps it should run smooth. Are you trying to carve something or just moving it.

I noticed it when I was trying to move it then I tried to crave and it wasn’t running smooth

Someone else will need to chime in. I thought maybe you were just moving it in small steps and that is what it was. It should run smotth while you are carving.

@MichaelHupp Can you get a video of the motion? Could be a lot of things.

For some reason it keeps telling me the file is to big

Generate a Youtube-account and post it there.

Jerking => something is binding or slipping.

Disengage the motors from the belts, do the gantry move smoothly by hand?
Do the two Y-motors rotate towards the same direction?

It’s on YouTube not a very good video but u can see it jerk
It’s under y axis jerking

Please provide a link.

Is this it?
If so, it just looks like you’re jogging the y-axis and that is normal behavior. It moves a set amount every time.

That is what i was trying to tell him i just think he does’nt understand it.

How does it behave when you jog 10" per time either way?

It looks like, but not entirely sure, that your left Y-motor side hesitate a little during each jog in the video.
Does it spin if belt it removed?

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I think it’s that I have never did YouTube before

I will try that

I think I found my problem the spindle where the belt raps around on the motor just slid off the bolt is gone