Jerky V Carving

I have V Carve Desktop that I normally use. Today I’m work on a project that is bigger than 25"X 25". So I’m using Easle Pro V carving and its not smooth. The tool path seems very jerky it’s not smooth like VCarve Desktop. is this normal?

I have experienced that in the past when using EP but the finished carve was good.
If the carve is not good report to support.

Hi Doug,
I know this is a bit of a late reply, but in case you have other >25" projects in the future - don’t forget that you can still toolpath tile bigger objects in VCarve Desktop:
Tiling means you will need to do additional XY origin setting and cut the part in two runs (or as many runs as you need), but it will allow you to cut bigger objects and is not particularly laborious if only occasionally required.
Edward (from Vectric)