Jerky when hand moving the x and y axis - just built

I just put everything together and was checking the smoothness of the x and y axis and it’s jerky. I tightened the wheels, loosened, but can’t figure out why it seems to be catching. That’s the only way I can describe it. It’s slipping or catching…any ideas on what to try?

Try moving it 5 or 10" in one move. If you are moving it .1" at a time it will be jerky.

@MelissaBickford Most likely what you’re feeling is the motor driver enabling when you generate enough voltage to power it. Try moving much slower or, making sure power is off to the controller, disconnect the motors from the controller and try again.
Basically, the motors work as a generator when you move by hand. That behavior is normal. You’ll have some scare you about moving by hand, but you’re ok as long as you’re not trying to break it. The best way to check that everything is moving smoothly is by letting the controller handle the motion.