Jewelry Box

A little project with a lot of problem, but finally the result is not so bad :slight_smile:

Problems :

  • The top tend to bend so the top and the bottom are not well aligned.
  • The bending create a difference of depth for the inlay so the white wood is not on top of the black wood, That can be sanded but that will be more difficult.
  • I think the feeding was too high for the bottom so the cut of the outside square was not straight, so I loose some mm on the outside border to correct that.

I’m still waiting for the hardware bought on and I have to sand the top. I will update the pictures when it’s finished.


Nice inlay! What is the fill material? the box appears to be walnut.

here are a couple shots of a work in progress involving the xcarve since you started a “jewelry box” thread.

And the back,

It’s a custom job for an aquaintance to give to the lady in his life as a b-day present. the top will have a pair of twin carousels for necklaces and mirrors on tha inside baack and sides.

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The inlay is in cherry wood and yes the box is in walnut.

Your project look amazing ! I can’t wait to see pictures when everything will be finished.

Those are nice.
I want to make a jewlery box out of mahogany.