Jitter/Chatter During Circular Carving

When I am curving out large pockets, the machine starts to chatter while cutting but only in the upper left and lower right diagonals of the cut. The rest of the circle is smooth. Are my axes too tight or is it a milling settings issue? Vibratory harmonics? Any help is much appreciated!

Yes, the xcarve will do that. I have had that problem for a long time until I upgraded to a new after market z axis. I no longer have the problem.

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I had the same problem and after watching your video on the up graded Z axis I went the same route.
It solved the problem, Thanks Much. I also have aluminum riser kit as well as the bigger motors waiting to be installed. Thanks for all your help and information.

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@PhillipLunsford @WaltShields Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look into it. It also looks like it jiggles a bit when moving on the z-axis. Could the v-wheels be too tight to the track causing it to jutter during those parts of the circular movement?