JJ's X-Carve Build and Projects

Looks good. A laser would have to be close to the top of my wish list. Importing one would be a major hassle though. :frowning:

There was no need to cut the rod. It was already the length I needed.

The rod is already an 8mm diameter. So the included 8mm pulley already fits.
I used the anti-back lash Delrin nut from Open Builds.
I also added a lock collar at the bottom underneath the flange bearing.

Laser update:
Prototype circuit with a N-CHANNEL POWER MOSFET works great. Simple and easy.

Turning it off and on via M8 / M9 works so far!
Time to design and build a circuit board with some safety switches and power IO.

Also need to work on proper focus and height, and maybe GRBL acceleration… That will fix the X mark. Basically the machine cant turn hard square corners fast enough! Realistically this will be less of a problem with real world designs.

Retired server tech copy high end machine the photoelectric sensor has high paper dust on them will stop or cut out lock up wood dust . not safe will kept running lock up.

Please keep this coming, I’m anxious to see more.

Thank you for sharing

Change of plans people!
I will be making one giant PCB board which will connect to a Raspberry Pi, for controlling all the things!

Spindle AUTO (default), OFF, ON - Tied to X- Controller’s Spindle
Laser Enable ON, OFF (default)
Laser AUTO (default), OFF, ON - Tied to X- Controller’s M8
Vacuum AUTO (default), OFF, ON - Tied to X-Controller’s Spindle
LED lights ON (default), OFF
Limit Switches will be tied into the Pi’s IO for troubleshooting and display…
I may even wire in the GRBL’s Output to the Pi’s IO for added flexibility.

The GUI will be a mobile webapp via my smartphone or a dedicated tablet!

Kinda similar to this thread: Hacking the X-Controller
However I will have much more hardware IO.

FYI There is no plans for “pendant” or GCODE control - All this will still be done by my host CNC computer; for now :smile:

The laser is working great.
Quick demo:

Tool diameter was 0.01".
Feed rate was 80 IPM.
Took 21 minutes to burn.

Looks great.


My wiring tools:

Another Project:
Oven stick for your oven

Push Stick:


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Great work Jeremy, keep it coming…

It needs to be mirrored.

Easel Project File: http://easel.inventables.com/projects/REbIwF87TnWxZ3HHnMq9Eg#

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Not exactly CNC related, but I added more outlets to my CNC workspace:

I really like the look of the steel boxes and metallic wire: 12/2 AWG Wire
Home Depot also sells it wit the ends already attached; quick and easy!

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Just a quick example of how I resurface my waste board and add a laser grid:


An example of reusing my SO2 Y axis plates and using them on my X-Carve’s Y axis as mid span supports.

I love having a CNC!
I needed a spacer to go between monitor and the mount I wanted to use.
10 minutes later, BAM! I nice new spacer.


A work in progress:
A badge for a friend:

Tech details:

  • Material: Cast aluminum (from an old removable hard drive sled) ~0.1" thick
  • Feed: 15 IPM, Plunge: 5 IPM, DOC: 0.01",
  • Total cut time: ~30 minutes
  • Endmill was a 30 degree V bit 1/8" shank - I set Easel’s cutting diameter to 1/32"

Those look incredible.

Here it is mounted.

Could use a tad more polish and wax but it’s the best I can do. My friend will still like it.