Job depth fades from beginning to end

Hello all, I am carving in wood and has the cuts are being made from left to right they start to “fade” away, the depth of the cut becomes lesser and lesser, why would this be occurring?

Either your work surface is not level, or your bit is slipping in Colette. Please check.

work surface is level, it’s got to be the bit, I hand tightened it which is probably just not tight enough, thanks for your input.

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If your cuts are continuously less deep on the right of your project I would think its work surface related. I am battling my own Z issues currently as well.

@AlanDavis @WillMcleod sure enough to my surprise my machine was not perfectly level. Bit is now good and tight along with a level surface - no problems, cheers!


Great news! I thought the same then gave it a closer look and I was off by just over 1/16" which can add up.

I am now battling a sagging X axis from the weight of the Dewalt. It’s causing my X cuts to step into the surface and leave grooves. How frustrating!