Job fails mid stream

is there any way to restart a job in the middle??
where can I see the g code of the current project??

There is no resume function for an aborted carve in Easel.
There is also no feedback to what code have been processed and whats remaining.

There are a few workarounds, but in order to suggest we need more info on what you try to carve and how far you got (screenshots / images of work piece are good)

Resuming after an aborted carve have one prerequisite however:
You must have used a known reference point / start point prior to the start of the carve

Those may be:

  • Homing switches as work zero is stored as an offset from machine zero
  • 3D zero block

But ideally - figure out why it stopped mid-carve in the first place is also where some energy need to go into (unless you aborted the carve manually)
USB is a relative weak interface in terms of RF/EMF noise rejection.