Job Setup Sheet

To expand a little on this topic:

It would be awesome if Easel could generate a job setup sheet, which could help with the learning curve as well.

The sheet would contain all relevant information for the job:

  • Easel Project name
  • Workpiece Name/Number in Project
  • Bit size/name/description
  • Material Dimensions
  • Material Type
  • Cut settings
  • Snapshot of a detailed preview or snapshot of the design itself

Single page PDF that can be printed and then laminated. For production work, your machine operator finds the sheet(s) for the job, and then goes off and runs it.

That’s how our machine shop operates at work.

I’ll get flamed for this but this a prime candidate for a Pro feature that could really differentiate between versions and this feature would be more geared towards businesses. Even Vectric considered this to be a “premium” feature and didn’t include it in Vcarve Desktop.

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I agree that it would be helpful, but I am doing the same thing with printing out the model i originally made and having a chart in the top corner giving details of the carve/project. Laminate it and put it in a binder. Seems to be working ok for me so far

Kind of like the job sheet V-Carve Pro generates. I emailed Vectric and asked to have the font used in the carve to be included in the job sheet. Many times I had to reload a past project to see what font was used to carve.

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