Job starts over when it looks done [solved - U.E.]

I just grabbed an image from the internet and uploaded it to easel to attempt to setup my X-Carve. After it cut the image to the desired depth and then started over. I stopped it as soon as I realized what was happening. Has anyone else seen this before? Any idea what I may have done to cause this?

I would think that you had not reached your programmed depth. The machine took the first layer off to the bit step you programmed and since it had not reached its final depth it was going for another swing around.


Cut settings, “Depth per pass” have a lower value than the intended depth of the carve.
Say you want a 1/4" deep carve, Cut per pass = 1/8"
This means Easel will run the code twice, one for each 1/8" Z-increment.

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Thank you all. I have to admit that this didn’t occur to me because I had the depth set so shallow (1/8) just to make sure everything was tracking as it should. Sorry for such a frivolous post.

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Turns out I was using the wrong Z axis on setup. I thought it would be a M8 threaded but turns out the new ones have the ACME. So I went through the setup again and I’m on the same page as my machine now. Seems the M8 is smaller and turns more then the ACME so that is why my depth was so off.

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