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Joe's projects

So I just finished up these two projects for the holidays. This was my first run through from start to finish (to include finish sanding and wood treatment). All thoughts are welcome.

The heart was a download from the projects section and the rectangle I did from scratch.

These really got me fired up to start finding more time to work with the machine more. Definitely got the crate juices going lol

Thanks to all for the help getting me started and advice along the way I probably would have given up without you, lol.

I am looking forward to sharing a lot more in the near future.


Very nice work i am sure they will be appriciated.

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Thank you Wayne. That is what I am hopeful of. They were a lot of fun to do and I learned a lot from the experience.

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These turned out amazing. Super nice job!

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Thank you Phillip, for both the kind words as well as all the help and videos.

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Nice work, Joe!
Out of curiosity, what offset did you use between the box β€œlip” and the lid? How well do they fit?

Very Nice!

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I copied the inset lip then used the outline cut for the lid and the inside cut for the box the then I adjusted the inside manually to adjust for the tightness in the fit of the lid. I will admit it was not perfect off the machine and did have to do some sanding to get the two pieces flush to each other on the outside but it only took a few minutes with my orbital to accomplish it. The end result is around a 1/32 play between the two. it is close enough to open and close with ease and tight enough it does not have to much play in it.

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Thank you Steve. I have admired the work that you do with your machine and honestly it has inspired me as well.


Thanks for the comment!

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looks good, what type of bit did you use?

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I used a 1/4" upcut bit for the box and a 60 degree v-bit for the engraving.

This is why I LOVE my X-Carve. My 16 year old recently took up skim boarding. So I purchased him a board of his own. Rather than spend top dollar on wall mounts that may or may not work for him I was able in a few days to design, cut, stain and mount custom made ones with my X-Carve using scrap wood from my shop. I love that I have the ability to custom make things like this.



Nice job.

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Looks fantastic

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lookin good!

very nice !!

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Thanks for the kind words guys. They are much appreciated. I have had little to no time the past few months to touch my x-carve due to workload on the job. So when I have some time to knock out a quick project like this it gives me great satisfaction. I have a bunch of projects ready to carve just no time to sit by the machine while they are being ripped. Hopefully soon i will have more to share.

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