Joe's X carve build

Hello X-Carvers,

I just wanted to mention a few things about my build that may be interesting. I received my X carve 1000mm x 1000mm on Friday evening. Worked through the weekend and had the structure and electronics all done by Sunday. I only found a few things to mention some already brought up in other places in the forum.

First i found the counter sinks on the x axis gantry plates were not deep enough. Most likely due to the coating. This was quickly fixed with a drill.
I found if i didn’t deepen these countersinks the heads of the bolts would interfere with the steeper not letting it sit flush.

Next as others have mentioned bare wires in terminal blocks are not ideal, i crimped and soldered spade terminals on all the stepper motor wires. Wires that connect to the gbrl controller i tinned before installing.

Again as others have recommended i used a tap to cut the threads instead of the thread forming screws.

I cleaned up and existing table i have in my shop for the x carve.

The x carve will sit on the back corner, i have power and dust collector ready to go above.

For the wast board i cut a 4x8 sheet of 3/4 mdf in half. Put one half down to form a base, which the x carve sits on top. I ripped strips of equal thickness to the aluminum base rails and glued them as in the photo to make a torsion box and secure the machine on the base.

I cut the remaining MDF to size and put it on top with no glue so it could be swapped out. I then drilled and counter sunk screws to secure the waste board.

Came out very solid and flat.

Tonight I did a few air carves and all works good via Easel. I have not sent a g-code file via chillipepper or UGS yet.

Still need to add…

x axis stiffiner mod
Build a dust collector mount
Connectors for the cables on the power supply side

All in all very happy, maybe i will cut something tomorrow!

All the best,


Good to see someone else who also had an enjoyable build, Best of luck and look forward to seeing some finished work beginning to appear in the forum.

Im glad i found your post. I have the same exact issue with the flat heads not seating flush. I thought these are the first screws of the build. They cant be screwed up. I thought maybe they are suppose to stick out. But i also noticed the moter is siting at a tilt now. I will counter sink them.