Jog controls (in Easel)

I see that there already is a jog control tread in the feature request forum, but it looks like that’s for a hardware jog controller. My request is to add a jog control feature into Easel’s UI. I own a 3D printer, and the two printing programs I use are Simplify3D, and Cura, and both have jog controls for the print head, and I wish Easel had something similar. Something that had:

  • A large button, easily accessible, maybe next to the “Carve…” button in the upper right. Clicking on it would either toggle a dropdown window, or open a modal dialog box.

  • in the dropdown window/modal dialog box, have controls to move the spindle in the X, Y, and Z directions.

  • Both Simplify3D and Cura have buttons on both sides, which move the print head -100, -10, -1, -0.1, 0.1, 1, 10, 100 (this is in mm), and having an interface along those lines would be great. (though with Easel, you’ll probably want to also add in 0.01 for more granular movement)

  • Ability to toggle between inches and mm

  • Ability to turn the spindle on and off (so I can move the bit to a specific spot, and then plunge and (essentially) drill a hole

  • Some text within the window letting me know what the X, Y, and Z positions are.




Everything you asked for except being able to turn the spindle on does exist. Click the carve button and look there on the right.

Yeah, but I hate that. I want jog available all the time. I despise going in and out of the Carve menu all the time.


@TheoRetos Then you might want to look at leaving the easel environment and moving to Universal G-code Sender (UGS). Personally, I like it where it is. I’m not using it unless I’m carving, so having it on the screen when I’m either loading g-code or trying to look at a preview of something I’ve designed in easel just seems like it’s unnecessary.

No, I’m fine with Easel as my g code sender since I use Fusion 360 and they have a post processor for the x-carve. I think having readily available jog controls is a perfectly reasonable thing to ask for, especially since other folks have said that it’s pretty normal for them to be there.

If it were a pop up menu that one could open or close, it sounds like we’d both be happy.

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@TheoRetos When are you using it besides setting up a carve, though? It’s not really necessary during the design process and it is technically in a pop up menu, just not one that you can use while also designing.

Also, you can open multiple Easel windows on your computer at one time, so you could open a window in which you have the jog options and another in which you are designing and snap each of the windows to half of the screen in MS Windows.

I meant a permanent jog pop up menu that is small and out of the way like the design elements one. I’d also take a hot key + arrow to move the gantry as well.

Skipping around in tabs and back and forth in windows isn’t much more convenient than going into and out of the Carve menu. (I generally dislike needing to go through the entire Carve menu as well so it’s not isolated to the jog buttons.)

I use Fusion and Easel. I’m not an expert at Fusion so certain things are easier to make in Easel. I also have design elements I add that go on different Fusion projects that I create as Easel files and tweak their size based on what they are being carved into.

So I tweak my design a lot, air carve over the piece to check its size, adjust the home position if I’m off since I’ve never been able to successfully setup my probe for whatever reason, move the gantry back and forth and out of the way to vacuum between carving stages.

I get what you’re saying; I just think if they want Easel to be used as a g-code sender this is a regular feature to include at hand.

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You shouldn’t have to go through the entire carve menu in order to access the jog buttons, if your machine is on and has not been e-stopped requiring a re-homing (assuming you installed the homing switches) you can just open carve and the jog options are on the first page.

From my understanding, the g-code sender was only added from a feature request and isn’t necessarily the primary focus behind Easel. Easel is meant to be an easy to use design software for the people who want to get into CNC but do not have the time/money/know how to use software like Vectric Aspire or Fusion 360.

In regards to not getting the probe set up properly, have you tried reaching out to @ZachKaplan or anyone else at Inventables for some support? I’ve only heard top notch comments about them.

I meant: 1) I hate opening the Carve menu to access the jog buttons and 2) I dislike going through the entire Carve menu every time I want to start a carve.

I disagree-- my understanding is Easel is meant to be a easy design software and CAM system. Generating and sending gcode from Easel to the machine is integral to how it works, so adding a feature to use externally generated gcode just makes sense.

I bought it from Charley not Inventables. This was before Inventables offered one. I’ve done trouble shooting but I am not familiar enough with electrical to understand why it doesn’t work. Inventables nicely sent me a new Arduino for free when that seemed to be the source of the problem, so I’m already familiar with the customer service.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with my machine and Easel; I’m just saying I want some jog buttons. :blush:


I see. With the inventables z probe it remembers the z and the homing switches remember the x and y making the tool change or running a tool path a second time very easy. It was easily one of my favorite upgrades.

Hi Jason, thanks, but I’m not seeing anything like that. When I click the Carve button, the first thing that happens is a dialog box appears, and I run through the 6-step pre-carve process (measure the material > position the material > secure the smart clamp > etc…)

After I go through the pre-carve wizard, the Carve button disappears and in its place a progress bar, a Pause button, and a Cancel button appear, but I don’t see anything that allows me to move the spindle.

Maybe you could attach a screenshot of what you are referring to (maybe I’m missing the obvious somewhere). FWIW, my machine is a Carvey (not X-Carve, if it makes a difference).



I agree with the need for jog controls being more readily available than inside some kind of carve menu path.

I also have experience with laser cutters, 3d printers, and the Carvey.

I would prefer to have either a physical set of buttons on the x-controller or a menu bar link (it would make perfect sense to have it under the “machine” menu) at all times.

Obviously, it would be inaccessible while a carve is going on.

But before and after a carve, those jog controls would be accessible.

I don’t want some other g-code or hardware option that requires additional purchases. I want jog controls either via easel software or x-controller.

I would use it to move the router out of the way to set up my work area, then move it back to the home position.

I would like to add that having a standalone jog control button would be beneficial. Sometimes I will be on a Pro carve, but it is expired so hitting the Carve button won’t let me jog, then I have to locate a design I have that doesn’t use Pro features in order to jog the machine.

Another user firmly int he camp of “always have job buttons available in easels main menu”. I also do 3d printing, and I don’t have to “slice” my 3d print before I can move my tool head: I can move it any time I want (Simplify3d is my main slicer).

I also use UGS for non-easel things, like far more complex 3d mesh cutting. Yes, it has jog buttons ‘right there at all times’, which is great. I like Easel for what it is, and doing a simple UI design exposing this functionality has no downside, only improves user experience.