Jog Z-axis up before homing at end of the job

I’m using my xcarve to cut out a jig to cut out parts of a plastic box. The jig cut is easy enough, but I’m having an issue with the actually cutting of the plastic box pieces. See the fusion model here:

My issue is that after the job finishes cutting out the bigger square part of the plastic box the job is finished and the spindle wants to go to a home position. Well that home position is lower on the z-axis than the wall of the box. So It ends up running the spindle through the box on its way home.

So the question is, how can I make my gcode so that the zaxis will go all the way up before going home?

here is the gcode file as well. (40.5 KB)

I haven’t dove too far into Fusion yet but I did have a similar issue with a jig part I did in Easel. You should be able to adjust your safety height to something larger than the height that the box extends up above the jig. You can speed up the Z speed a bit to compensate for having to travel further for each cut.

Hope that helps.

Are you using Easel to send your Gcode?
Do you have homing switches?
The last line of the Fusion generated gcode sends your Z to just over an inch above your work surface. You could adjust that value of you’re sure you have the room. Alternatively, if you have homing switches, you could add a line
G53 Z-0.5
G53 changes to the machine coordinate system, Z0 would be your limit switch, and Z-0.5 will be half an inch below that.