Jogging controls all work correctly but XCarve won't carve

I’ve had no previous trouble with my 750. But today, it started acting up. And I’ll preface this by saying nothing has been changed in the setup or the wiring.

What its doing (or, not doing) is this. All the jogging controls work fine in Easel, UGS and VTransfer. The machine homes properly in all three. So no problem so far. The problem crops up when I send a gcode file to the machine to start cutting. No matter whether I use Easel, UGS or VTransfer, when I send the gcode file, the machine moves to the home position, raises the bit all the way up, then just stops. It won’t go any further. I’ve tried many different gcode files, including ones I’ve cut in the past. But nothing seems to work, getting the machine to start cutting.

Any ideas ?

Share the first 20lines of gcode here :slight_smile:

Test a simple carve using Easel only (Design in Easel, carve with Easel) - if this behave differently its in the gcode and one possible culprit may be a G28 command introduced by the CAM post processor

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Thank you for the suggestion. I did try that. I tried to carve that basic first carve that Easel has in it. Same result. One other thing I forgot to mention in my original post. When I set up a carve in Easel, and get to the point where I’m touching off the z-probe to set the height, it won’t do that either. The screen shows it lowering to touch off the touch plate. But the router never actually moves. But again, the jogging controls all work.

Could be a bad board, weird behaviour if its not in the code.