Jogging past safety switches?

After setting home, and then setting your z height (with probe) I find it scary that I can then jog the machine past the home settings in every direction.

While running the machine it is fine and knows where to go but if I jog it I can force it past the safety switches.

Did I mess something up in setup?

$20, soft limits
$21, hard limits

Thanks, I will look into that.

Dont think of them as safety switches , think of them as homing switches, the soft limits are good I just hate that when you forget there on and the machine locks down it’s gets confusing. If your new to x-carve you will get used to operating the machine and the crashes will pass.

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@FatKatOne Is exactly right. I don’t use hard or soft limits. The great thing about a belt driven machine is that the worst thing that can happen on a crash is a smashed limit switch. In most cases, all you’re doing is causing the motor to skip steps (not a big deal).
Just don’t upgrade to leadscrew or ballscrew driven machines until you get the crashes under control.