Jogging without a computer. Possible?

Occasionally, I would like to be able to jog the XC without bothering to turn on my laptop. I have the X-Controller. Is it possible to jog or even home the machine without using the computer?

No. You have to have some way to send commands to grbl, either by the USB port, or the serial TX RX pins. Some people have set up pendants to use with the X-carve, but they are basically small computers that send the commands by USB or serial port.

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To expand on @LarryM 's response, the other option would be to use a controller which functions stand-alone and affords external controls such as a Smoothieboard, e.g., the Azteeg X5 mini v2 or later w/ Viki 2 LCD.

Thank you, guys. Not what I wanted but it is what I expected.

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