Joining the sign posting club

Figured I’d post up the first thing I got paid for, and just like a bunch of recent posts, it’s a sign! I ran into a bit of a snafu in the bit swapping stage and ended up apparently zeroing it a touch lower than the larger bit. Luckily, I was mostly able to correct it by hand with a Dremel as I was on a bit of a time crunch. But they were thrilled with it in such a short time, and it kinda gives it a half-hand carved look. If I thought ahead about it I probably would have tried to shape it better to look on purpose, but oh well.

The finished product:

Here’s the outline mixup:

And corrected afterwards:

It’s done in Poplar, and I thought it was fantastic to work with. I worry it’s a bit too soft and could dent easily, but as long as they were happy, I’m happy.

Looking forward to getting some fun stuff done on this thing!

Welcome to any tips/criticisms. This forum has been a great help!


Monotype Corsiva

Great work.
Glad to see others carving up signs.