Joints etc

there is a collection of joints, in dxf-format, I tried this here: but it was too “tight”. The collection can be found here:
50 Digital Wood Joints by Jochen Gros – WINTERDIENST overview: All sizes | 50digitaljoints | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Any ideas how to make them work?
I use qcad, inkscape, gimp, and of course easel. I wonder whether the easel inlay generator could be useful.

My issue is that if I have the project as a 2d drawing as dxf how can I transfer it to an easel project with clearing a pocket.

Any help, hints, tricks appreciated.

When you say your trying to clear a pocket do you mean your trying to do a half lap joint like this?

And are you having an issue getting the joints from the file into easel or having them fit together once it carves?

If you cut out joint pieces that are supposed to fit together and the joint is too tight, that could be because your actual bit diameter is smaller than what you have told Easel. It also could be that your X and Y steps per inch are off.

Do the following…

Design a rectangle in Easel that is 1 inch by 2 inches. Place your bit in the router and tell Easel to cut on the line of your rectangle, not inside or outside. Cut your piece all they way through to the waste board and then measure it precisely with calipers.

Your rectangular cutout will be smaller than 1 inch by 2 inches by exactly the diameter of your bit. Subtract the length from the width and you will have the amount your X carve actually moves when it thinks it is moving one inch. If that is too big or too small, adjust your steps per inch accordingly and try again.

Also measure across the diagonal of your rectangular cutout. This will tell you if your X axis is square to your Y axis. You would think that you could just find the diameter of your bit with your calipers but the bit actually cuts a path slightly wider than the bit itself thanks to belt give, runout and a host of other factors.

When you’re finally ready to do joint work, don’t forget to leave a tiny margin for the fit and for glue.

I can’t import the pattern in a way that I can address each part that needs to be cut out as a pocket in easel. I can’t even mark the parts separately. see here:
I cannot even mark each piece separately, not to talk about how to mark the part that needs to be cut out as a pocket (half the depth). It reacts weired when I have it cut out on path, or outside the path, and when I have it cut as inside shape path it is not cut at all any more, only thin blue lines appear. The dot pattern after a double click appears clean and easy. Also when I dive a little deeper into the dxf file and the svg-file, they both do not appear complicated or complex, just clean and straight forward.
What the heck do I do wrong?

That happens when I import the dxf directly, also when I do so via svg.