Joshua’s xcarve milling and 3d printing projects

Some of the projects I’ve been working on. Lots of v carving and laser designs to be uploaded. Also 3d printing parts for my x carve to be made.


Good looking stuff!

So, you must be from wisconsin, huh? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

NIce work!

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Lol no Michigan

After painting the v carvings. Onto roll brushing the face with a black color to make the blue pop.

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Some carves from last night. V carved in easel pro and pieces cut out for the shapes from svgs.


3d printing the jtech laser mount for the dewalt holder.


After printing!


Now printing some hold downs with block stops


Almost finished and going to be testing them out. Making my grid for my x carve in my mdf since the inserts finally came in to use hold downs.

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Finally done and going to be drilling the holes for the inserts tomorrow! Going to be testing out some more parts that I’ll be 3d printing to add to my x carve.


Printing up a 90 degree jig for projects!

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The waste board is done and installed the new mount for my jtech laser. All files were found on Thingiverse and I’ll post them soon.


New laser mount printed and hold down covers for the m5 bolts! Printing up some red holddown clamps and step blocks.

holders for my power supply to mount it to the table!

almost finished!

3d printed up some plates to be able to mill taller pieces!

Be ready to smash your E-Stop… I regularly print 3D parts for many things, but there’s NO way I’d trust plastic end-plates, even at 100% infill.

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