Joshua’s xcarve milling and 3d printing projects

I’ll be testing it out to see how it goes.

I’ll be testing them out to see how that goes. I’m turning my x carve into more of a laser engraver with my jtech 2.8. I’m in the process of building a cnc plasma/wood mill that will be more heavy duty for woods and metals.

I won’t know till I try it and worst that can happen is it breaks and I ether print new ones with different filaments or just make it out of steel/aluminum.

installed some steel wired belts on to my x carve so to the belt snapping apart during a carve. Going to test out how those work since it’s used for cnc and 3d printers.

3d printed the torch mount for my plasma cutter. Soon to test out some cuts.

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good point… if it does have issues maybe cut a piece of aluminum and space it off the bottom of the mount by 1/8" to act as a heat shield???

This is just a test fitment for the holder but I won’t be cutting for that long and my plan is to make a water table to make the heat not be all over the place like with a table that doesn’t have one. My plasma cuts their thing stuff and doesn’t generate that much heat.

Yeah this is just a test piece to see how the fitment and how it will work and I might mess around with milling something out. I did see someone using a 3d printed holder for a plasma torch and it didn’t seem to melt or cause any problems.

I’m running a relay from the board to the trigger to my plasma cutter to control the on and off gcode made in v carve for the laser settings. A lot of the mods I’ve made for my cnc are going to be used for about everything from laser/plasma/custom mounts and testing with new ideas I might come up with.

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