JPEG to SVG trouble

I am using this page to convert JPEGs to SVG:

Most of the time, it works fine but I am having some trouble with text on smaller image files. On letters like “B”, “R”, and “O” the SVG has the middle of the letter blacked out.



I use inkscape for jpg conversions (its a freebie). You can modify/add/delete the vector lines easily. Try to find the largest jpeg file size for best results. under the ‘path’ pulldown look for ‘trace bitmap’. There are several options to try.

What Richard said.

Inkscape has what you need and it’s a great program overall.

I tried this but…

Is it because of this shading…

yay, you need to “delet” the original
got it in french so maybe it’s “remove the original”

or you can move a little your “new” image in black with your mouse so yo can clic on the colored one, and delet it
(i hope my english was good enough to help you)

Raphael is correct. After you convert(trace) the jpg, you need to move it to the side and delete the original jpg before you save the svg.

yay i made the mistake often too
Shame on me xD

That fixed it!


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just another idea for fixing fonts.
If you know what font it is you can get a screen grab of it online.
If you do not then you can use the following site to determine what the font is.
There are other sites and google them and use them until you find it. Took me 3 tries to find a font for a sign I hand carved. The font was not a perfect match but it was close enough that it would be difficult to tell.

Just another way others can get text that is a jpg that was a render of an existing font to be figured out and fixed.