Jtec 3.8 exciting discovery (to me anyhow)

Sorry no pic yet but tinkering like I do I discovered that the 3.8 watt jtec can solder components to a board. So this just might be a great application for soldering surface mount components to a board being that using a soldering iron or a hot air soldering tool can be a real PITA. So soon I will order some soldering paste and a board and do some further testing.


25 watt Stereo Hybrid Tube Amp with Bluetooth® $149.00


Nothing like the sound of a tube amp. Some things you just can’t digitize.

I dont understand the deal with tube amps lol didn’t we cross into the 2000’s like 16 years ago?

(please note I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to audiophile stuff I am just simply curious lol)

Soldering from a laser could do some production - one step Xcarve makes the pcb, second step laser melts things onto it… As for tubes and sound - I play Rocksmith on the PS4 and sounds like a tube amp to me, but I have old folks cry and moan about MP3 Quality even … not as good as vinyl they say … but it sounds good to me. Old folks and I am mid 40’s even.

This is fascinating, I never would have thought to try this! Please keep us updated on how it turns out :thumbsup:

Tomorrow night going to order some soldering paste.The solder that I tried was plumbing solder so hoping solder paste for electronics will give better results. I know in the end it will be more trouble than it is worth but some one might find it useful.

I’ll probably take flack for this… but a CNC for making PCB’s is like using a chainsaw to cut your lawn.

Sure, using some low-temp solder paste and a laser might work… but the end result is going to be ugly, messy and you’ll probably end up destroying something.

A $50 Rework Station will do a better job, take less time and be 100x easier.

With sites like Oshpark and Oshstencils using a CNC mill for PCB work is an outdated idea. (just my $.002c)

No offence on my end. I do it just to say I did like many other projects done with the machine. I do have a habit of using a cnc as a fancy Rube Goldberg machine. Like when I used it to play music or laser engrave cookies and cut cornbread into perfect squares. Why you ask no reason other than to say I did. Makes for great random conversation with the engineers at work. Almost forgot you can cook bacon with a cnc and a laser too seen it and had to try it.