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JTech 2.8, 4.2 or 7W laser?

Anyone used the newer 4.2 or 7W lasers? I read somewhere that the 2.8W has the best focus, but does a precision lens make up for that on the higher watt diodes? JTech doesn’t say a whole lot about the difference between them other than speed.

A 7W would dramatically increase the speed at which one could run ops, but I tend towards grade over speed, so interested in anyone’s experience.

don’t expect to cut a lot with it. Engraving is where these boys perform best.

Yes, not expecting a diode to do anything but the thinnest of through-cuts. I was more interested in speed vs resolution.

ware can I order a laser kit my x-carve

Or Google “X-Carve Laser KIt”

I just got the 7w in and after some troubleshooting and set up. It’s pretty freaking awesome. I would say that it is definitely fast I had to mount my x carve to the table. The resolution is really sharp hd focus. To the question about what you can cut I’ve got up ¼" hard maple plywood. ¼ revolution ply would like cut well considering its about the density of cedar.

Good evening, I too have the 7w jtech Laser and agree that the engraving is high quality. Cutting can be intermittent on 3mm laser ply. May I ask what settings you are using?

look at endurance lasers there true power.My 5.5w laser puts out 2500w your suppose to run 1/2 hour and cool then repeat.Endurance you can run for 48 hours.