Jtech 2.8w laser

I have a shiny new xcarve and have installed the jtech kit to run their 2.8w laser on it. I have run a couple test engraves with it using picsender and picengrave 6 pro, both in demo mode. I can burn wood but I can’t seem to find the correct settings so far for any program to get it to run at anything other than full power or no power. I’m using G03 SXXXX to send power commands but for any S value greater than 0 it seems to be full power, not reduced as I would expect for small numbers. I have it plugged into the spindle pwm hole on the back of the xcontroller per their instructions so I’m not sure where I’ve gone astray here. Any help will be very much appreciated for this total gcode/cnc/laser noob!

What version of grbl are you using? If it has the $30 grbl setting, it may be set to 1 which is what it sounds like is happening. This will send the laser to full power with any S value over 0.

I recommend you use Larry’s latest Spindle/Laser grbl 1.0c that can be downloaded from here:


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What is the easiest way to check grbl version?

Select the $I button in PicSender and the version will display in the Messages.

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