JTech and etching/engraving?

I’ve seen mixed responses to the capabilities of the JTech laser in regards to etching/engraving either here or on other websites. Can the JTech etch acrylic and glass? I’ve seen some people say that out the gate, no, it can’t, but I’ve seen other people say that painting the sheet, putting paper on it, smearing it with marker, etc will allow it to etch the surfaces. I’m hoping someone has some definitive answers… can the JTech unequivocally, in no way, shape, or form, regardless of what steps you take, NOT etch acrylic or glass, or can it do either under certain circumstances?

I was just testing mine last week and yes i had decent results on glass and better results with plexiglass. Have not had time to go back and try some more test but i does work.


Did you end up doing anything special to either the plexi or the glass or did they simply etch “out of the box”? Also, what power laser were you using - I assume JTech?

I used a black marker which worked ok. As far as the setting you need to play with them and see what gets the best results. I am stiil working on that. It was a jtech 7 watt. A white board mark seemed to work the best beause it was easier to get off after the engraving.

Do you know if different color of markers will make the engraving the color of the marker, or does it matter?

Color makes no difference because it wipes off when you are done. It does not burn it into the glass.

For that matter, I wonder if something else could be used that could go on quicker, like acrylic paint or fountain pen ink from a bottle…

There are other things used to coat the glass but i was doing something small and wanted an easy cleanup. Remember you need to clean it off the glass when you are done.